case scenarios

Kearns Consulting Services

A local entrepreneur has an idea for a new cell phone app and wants to understand more about app technology, the app industry and potential competitors, and the potential market. Kearns Consulting is hired to do research in all three areas—conduct design, industry and competitor analysis, and customer need. Based on Kearns Consulting findings and recommendations, she will decide if it makes sound business sense to seek an angel investor and rush to market with her product.

A statewide coalition of nonprofits providing support services and respite for caregivers needs help designing and implementing outcome evaluation of its pilot projects. The coalition wants to develop best practices by learning what works and what doesn't in these efforts so that it can have a competitive advantage when applying for funding. The coalition hires Kearns Consulting to perform the evaluation and to help them identify future funding streams to sustain their programs.

An arts program for adults living with dementia desperately needs to increase its participant census. Kearns Consulting is hired to strengthen its marketing efforts and designs an innovative multimedia installation showcasing program participants' accomplishments. The successful event cultivates cross-sector interest and fosters new partnerships. Program census grows and community leaders enthusiastically respond giving time and money.

A medium size medical device company notices that productivity is beginning to suffer and their employees seem increasingly discontent. Kearns Consulting is brought in to help them identify the roots of their organizational strain and provide a strategy for reengaging their employees. Through anonymous surveys and confidential focus groups, Kearns Consulting identifies the causes and provides recommendations for change.

An international business is having difficulties communicating between two of its sites—one in Miami, Florida and the other in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The business hires Kearns Consulting to work with their HR department to develop and implement cross-cultural trainings so that the American and Malaysian employees understand one another and increase their cross-cultural communication skills.